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Benefits of solar power for industries

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1) Electricity Savings               

Installing a solar power system at your factory or other industrial location will eliminate or at least significantly lessen your anxiety over electricity costs. The size of the solar power system and how much grid electricity you use will determine how much you save on your electricity bill. It also encourages the possibility to get paid for the extra energy you export back to the grid. The net metering facility can help you export the solar-generated surplus energy to the grid. It plays an essential role in factories and industrial areas where electricity usage is not uniform or continuous.


2) Green use Environment and Carbon Dioxide Reduction

Particularly in companies and factories, the more you use electricity produced by fossil fuels, the more you increase air pollution. Therefore, installing a solar power system would be a wise and better choice because you will significantly reduce your electricity costs while also encouraging green and clean energy.


3) Cleaner and Cooler Roof

The solar power system keeps a building's roof 5 degrees cooler than areas of a roof that are directly exposed to sunlight by reducing the amount of heat reaching the roof by 30%. Solar energy systems provide clean and secure energy to lower summer cooling costs. 


4) Accelerated Depreciation Results in Tax Savings

The government of India is promoting the solar power system in Businesses, corporate and industrial sectors through tax relief under section 32 of the income tax act by allowing them to avail higher rate of depreciation rates more often termed as Accelerated depreciation benefits.

The accelerated depreciation allows the industrial user of solar power to depreciate their investments in a solar power plant at a higher rate compared to their fixed assets. In return, this allows the user to claim tax benefits on the value depreciated in a given year. The depreciation rate for all renewable energy systems is 40%.


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