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How does solar energy reduce the electricity bills for industries?

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India is a developing nation with fast-expanding industries. One thing which is a concern is the huge electricity bills for the industries.  The power tariff would be hiked every year based on inflation for all the consumer categories. Industrial solar power systems are being employed more frequently by many industries, including the textile, cement, paper, steel, chemical, dairy, and ceramic industries, to reduce their electricity costs. 46% of India's industrial rooftop solar installations as of December 2022 are for commercial and industrial buildings.


When energy is coming from the sun, why to dig the earth


Industrial Solar modules can be used for both On-Grid and Off-Grid Solar systems making it lucrative for Industries to use solar power usable at night also. Commercial, industrial, and domestic consumers make up the three main types of electricity users in India. One of the most prominent sectors in terms of electricity demand is industry, which uses a massive 46% of all the electricity produced in India. The industrial sector's peak-hour pricing may increase further. 


Therefore, using industrial solar modules is the best option to reduce electricity bills in a long run. Industrial companies with captive ‘industrial solar power systems also get to avail of tax benefits by way of depreciation, capital subsidies and other incentives as applicable. Every sector, including hospitals, technology firms, consultants, government agencies, non-profit groups, industrial facilities, and the consumer packaged products industry, are working cooperatively to maximize its socially and environmentally friendly solution by switching to solar power.


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