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How much money will you save using solar solutions?

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Wondering why you should go solar today? 

Solar energy is eco-friendly, clean, renewable, and a long-term investment with high returns. As one of the leading solar companies, we can easily harness solar energy during the day with our solar modules and they can be used to run appliances at night with ease. Your utility bills will go down, you will save money, and your carbon footprint will also go down as a result. So choose to go solar with VC Green Energy, one of the best solar energy companies in India

Solar power is a cost-free energy source. It is readily available throughout the year with no restrictions in tropical climates. Solar energy panels are a one-time investment that will save you money over time. If you have solar panels installed at your house, you can forget about load shedding, rising electricity costs, and power outages during windy weather.

The solar energy system will also either lower or eliminate the need for an electricity bill. The money you save can be put to use for other worthwhile endeavors. You may utilize electrical appliances without any hassle once a solar power system is installed at the VC Green Energy solar park. It will at least last more than one or two decades for you.

Most Frequently asked questions:

1. So, you’ll still get a bill at the end of the month?

2. If it is so, then how much amount should I pay? 

Well, let’s illustrate it with an example.

Say, you have a 5kW solar system. Also, let’s assume that a 1kW system produces approximately 4 units of average power daily. So, mathematically, a 5kW system will be capable of producing 20 units/day or approximately 600 units per month. That’s 600kWh that you receive from pure sunlight.

As Per the current tariff, a unit of electricity sets you back around Rs 9 for 800 units consumed for a commercial purpose. So, practically, 600 units of energy from solar solutions will save you Rs. 5400.

So, for instance, if your monthly bill is Rs.7200, you will only have to pay Rs.1800. If it’s Rs. 5,000, you’d only pay Rs. 400. And this is just for a 5kW system. If you buy a system with greater capacity, you can save even more.

But here’s something even better – net metering. In a hybrid connection, you also have the option of earning money through solar power generation. if your bill for the month is Rs. 2,000, you can send the extra Rs. 1000 worth of energy to the power grid, and get that money in return from the distribution licensee (DISCOM).

It allows you to get compensated for any surplus energy you generate. So, not only are you saving money, but also earning it. It will be better if you can install a solar system for your house or office at the earliest. The number of people opting for solar power systems is growing gradually. So Go Solar with VC Green Energy.

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