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How to maintain a solar power system or solar park?

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Maintaining a solar park is essential to get the sufficient energy from the solar modules. At, VC green energy, we have highly qualified experienced staff who take care of complete solar operation, installation, erection, commissioning and maintenance of solar power systems.



General inspection includes:

  • When a solar plant is installed, Engineers should prepare a schedule for preventive maintenance of the solar park.

  • Make that the roof has appropriate drainage, that the roof drains are not blocked and that there are no indications of water accumulating close to the array.

  • Make sure any roof penetrations are waterproof and Check for ground erosion near the footings of a ground mount system

  • Verify that only authorized people have access to electrical enclosures. Inspect the racking system and enclosures for corrosion.

  • Verify the site's cleanliness to make sure there is no debris in the vicinity of the inverter pad or anywhere else.

  • Inspect the array for any loose hanging wires.

  • Examine the area under the array for evidence of animal infestation.

Specific checks:

Modules: Cleaning efforts should be heavily focused on modules because they require the most preventive maintenance.


Cleaning frequency: Cleaning should be done at least every two weeks under normal circumstances when there isn't a lot of dust or filth. However, the frequency of cleaning should be increased to every week in dusty regions like Rajasthan.


Water Quality: The TDS (total dissolved solids) levels, water requirements and precise wiping details should be taken into consideration when cleaning the modules. The water's TDS level must be at or below 250 parts per million in India (ppm). While cleaning, consideration is given to the water's level of calcium and chlorine (both fewer than 250 ppm), as well as its electrical conductivity. To make sure that established requirements are maintained, water quality should be checked every six months.


Quality of cleaning equipment: High-quality cleaning supplies should be utilized, such as fiber brushes without rough bristles. A low-quality brush, such as one with metal bristles, could harm the modules glass surface. We can use detergent to remove tough impurities like bird droppings that have adhered to the surface of the module. 


Post-wash care: Following a thorough cleaning, modules should be properly wiped off to make sure no stains remain in order to preserve the generation capability. 


Inverter: A filter is used to provide ventilation and it needs to be cleaned periodically. The use of good filters is hence advantageous. At VC Green, we periodically register the voltage of the string inverter in the periodic log book as part of preventive measures. This clarifies any voltage fluctuations that may have occurred.


MC4 Cabling Connector: As a precaution, we make should ensure that there is no space between the pipe connectors. Any gap, might start a fire and damage the modules. Off-takers can place "check" meters separately with reference to the main meters that is equally accurate or more accurate in order to cross-check the production level on a monthly basis. All readings must roughly match one another and allow for corrections of 2% to 3%.


Transformer: For transformers at the site with installed capacity in megawatts, parameters such as the operating temperature, OTI (oil temperature), WTI (winding temperature) and oil level are monitored daily. If there is any internal disturbance in the transformer, it reflects in these parameters which should be monitored at least three times in a day as solar power is generated at its peak during these slots. The transformer has to be cleaned thoroughly once in six months. 


Protection from external elements: The plant must be adequately sealed if it is to run without interruption (i.e., without any shutdowns). Rats and other rodents could get inside otherwise and be electrocuted. The entire plant may then experience a short circuit as a result of this. Many individuals are unaware that the modules can be harmed even by high-pressure water.


Remote monitoring: It is necessary to continuously monitor a solar power plant to spot malfunctions and improve performance. The same function, where we can retrieve all the data from the inverter or from communication equipment (probes, meters, etc.), can be carried out on-site or remotely.


VC Green performs solar power plant monitoring consistently which is essential for solar operation and maintenance. At VC Green Energy, we are aware that our customers anticipate significant electricity generation from solar power facilities. As a result, we have created a set of skills that encompass cutting-edge plant supervision technology, superior performance engineering and end-to-end maintenance execution for solar power plants (from modules to substations).


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